To!u A¡ayi @ Manchester Pride Candlelit Vigil

Sackville Gardens, Manchester


The Candlelit Vigil will close the four days of the festival with a moment of reflection in Sackville Gardens.

The home of Alan Turing, The National Transgender Memorial and the Beacon of Hope, the gardens will once again be turned into a sea of flickering candles as the party calms and comes to end.

We take a minute to remember those lost to the HIV virus as LGBT+ people join together to fight the epidemic worldwide, and the stigma that still exists.

The Candlelit Vigil also provides a space to remember those who are suffering and those who are persecuted, presenting an opportunity to stand together in a united front as we recognise the many challenges that are still faced by LGBT+ communities, both here in the UK and around the world.


This year, we're putting together a special memorial where we will be remembering lives lost since last year's Candlelit Vigil, and we'd love for you to be involved.

Who will you be lighting a candle for when we share a minute's silence?

If you'd like to see a lost loved one mentioned in our on-screen memorial, please email .